This is Running Bear name is Carole. My husband AND best friend Chet & I live and work in the central valley of California. We were both born and raised here, we raised our children and built a good life together here. Most of all, we've been blessed with good health and we're having fun, together!

      My intent in creating this website is to share a little of what we've experienced and tell you a bit about the sport of 4x4 sled pullin, as seen through our eyes. It's a great sport. We've met alot of very nice people. Some not so nice and like any type of sport you get into where money is involved, you've got the crybabies and the rule breakers and cheaters too. From what we understand, it used to be a very family oriented sport. More so than it is now. We found that a few had been in the sport for well over 20 years, raised their kids in the sport, spent lots of money and had most can recall great times over the years!

      Running Bear is a 1982 S-15 GMC 4x4 pickup. It's been around for several years and has had a variety of changes made to it from the frame to the body to the engine. It's what's called an Alky burner which means it runs on Naturally Aspirated Alcohol which means you can't see it burn. The tires are what they call Giant Pullers and are made by a fellow by the name of Dick Cepek. It's also got what they call a Pro-Fab Transfer case.

      The motor was a 575CUI Big Block Chevrolet with about 900HP. We spent every spare moment around it getting to know our new truck. Since we were gonna build a brand new engine for it we decided to go ahead and run it as is for the remainder of the season. It was mid season and there were a few shows left, we wanted to get started on an actual track. Since it was my truck, Chet refused to drive it. He was the pit crew and I was the driver. He did all the hard work and I got to play. Running Bear was a member of a club called California Modifed Pullers Association, or C.M.P.A.

      The first time I ever hooked to an actual sled, I tried to stay focused on what I had to do. It was a high that I'd never experienced before and the dust was flying and so was my adrenlin!!

      When the season was over, Chet began the project of building a brand new engine for it with lots more horsepower. He started ordering parts. We waited for 6 months for a cam. It seemed like it took forever for all the parts to finally get here but once they did, he worked nightly after work till he got it all together and then the night arrived when he fired it up. WOW! Ya know, I never really knew what "Precision" meant until I watched him build the engine for his pull truck then again while building an engine for my truck. So time consuming! He was so maticalus, making sure EVERYTHING fit, perfectly, precisley!

      Our only Sponsor when we started was C & C MARINE     in Modesto. They paid ALL expenses. So it only seems fitting to give them a plug, don't you think? They'd been in business since 1983 and have built it from nothing to a well respected and trusted dealership. They appreciate their customers! So give them consideration for your boating and fishing needs. You can visit their website at C & C MARINE and tell em we sent ya! Oh...and would ya mind mentioning that you heard about them here? Sponsors like that ya know! :)

  Now on to some pictures!!!  


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